Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"its up 2 me nak ada hubungan dng sesiapa pun!! Apa kau peduli??: Zahida Rafik


ASK BUSTY Zahida Rafik about her alleged affair with Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal and chances are she will never answer your phone calls.
The controversial Malaysian actress has switched off her phone permanently ever since the scandal broke on April 19.

The Daily Chilli, mStar Online and murai.com have made numerous futile attempts to contact her.
But on her Twitter account, which is updated daily, Zahida has rubbished the romantic rumours about her and the minister.

She tweeted: "tu lah,suddenly!hehehe..yes agree wit u,tq so much! I am having fun wit all tis bz body people,kesian tengok dia orng semua! (I'm suddenly linked to the minister. But I'm having fun with all these nosy people. I pity them all)

She added: "its up 2 me nak ada hubungan dng sesiapa pun!! Apa kau peduli?? (It's up to me to have a relationship with anyone that I like. What has it got to do with you?)
In a contradicting statement, her former driver has accused Zahida of having an affair with Shafie and living off him.

But on Monday, the top Malaysian cabinet minister issued an official statement, denying paying the sexy actress a large sum of money.

“I have been following closely various reports in the media and blogs that have linked my name to a police report dated March 13, 2012, by a person named Noor Azman Azemi, who claims to be under my employ as a driver, linking me with the payment of a large amount of money to an artiste by the name of Zahida Mohamed Rafik," said Shafie.

"I wish to state that everything that has been mentioned in the police report is completely untrue and that the subsequent comments by individuals who have distributed copies of the police report is with bad intent and politically motivated.

“I am prepared to take legal action against anyone who continues to defame me and link me with this issue," he said.

Zahida tweeted that she has handed over the matter to her lawyer.

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  1. Bedal ja Tok....
    Datok ada duit...
    Datok ada pangkat...
    Datok ada nama...
    Apa takut Tok...

    Orang pompuan ni kalau pasal duit, ketiak kita yang masam pun dia orang sanggup cium Tok.




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